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mod_gb is a Apache module which aims to provide an ASP/VBScript compatibility layer for your web-pages. In other words it allows you to run with none or little modifications your ASP pages on your Linux server running Apache. (more...)


The FAQ has been completed.

Cursors are now supported in ADODB classlib. We have the 4 standard ADO cursor types (built on top of their ODBC counterparts): Dynamic, Keyset, Static and Forward-only.

Recordset are now updateable (rs.Update has been implemented). Please note that updates will fail when not SELECTing a primary key in the recordset used to apply the row updates. I don't know if this is a problem with unixODBC MySQL driver (but it seems likely).

MoveFirst and MovePrev have been implemented (MoveNext was already there)

A small correction to libgbrt's Makefile could solve some compilation problems
The updated code is in CVS

Two mailing-list (modgb-announce and modgb-devel) have been created and should be active in the next few hours. Ok, this is probably not enough for a news item of its own, but all the blank space on this page isn't good for your eyes :-)

The code has been imported into CVS. To check out/download/browse it, please have a look at Sourceforge CVS page for this project.

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